Banner Creative Specifications

File Types GIF, JPEG, PNG
Maximum File Size 150K
Ad Formats 970x250 (Custom Desktop)
300x600 (Half Page Ad)
160x600 (Wide Skyscraper)
300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
728x90 (Leaderboard)
300x50 (Mobile Leaderboard)
320x50 (Mobile Leaderboard)
300x100 (Custom Mobile)

Video Creative Specifications

Maximum File Size 200 MB
Minimum Length Greater than or equal to 5 seconds
Maximum Length Less than or equal to 300 seconds
Ad Formats {Set 1} | {Set 2}
Aspect Ratio 16:9 | 4:3
Recommended Size 1920x1080 | 640x480
Minimum Size 640x360 | 480x360
Bitrate Greater than or equal to 2500 kbps
Companion Banners | File Type JPG, GIF, PNG
Companion Banner | Ad Formats 300x250

CTV Creative Specifications

File Types MOV, MP4
Maximum File Size 10GB
Minimum Length Exactly 15 seconds or exactly 30 Seconds
Maximum Length 30 seconds
File Quality 1080p (1920x1080)
Constant Bitrate (CBR) 15–30 Mbps
Frame Rate Constant, Progressive Scan, 23.98, 25, or 29.97 based on native frame rate

Audio Creative Specifications

File Types MP3, M4A, WAV
Spot Lengths 15 and 30 seconds
Minimum Bitrate 160 Kbps
Companion Banners | File Types JPEG/JPG, PNG
Companion Banners | Ad Formats 300x250

Sponsored Headlines

File Types GIF, JPEG, PNG
Maximum File Size 150k
Ad Format 1200x1200
Title Character Max 40
Description Character Max 140


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