Emerge With EMG

Evolution Media Group is your secret weapon to unlocking the most powerful advertising technology
in history, with scale and results


Who do you want to get your message in front of and equally important, who not? Our standard audience creation tools include 1st and 2nd party data, 137 data providers (Oracle, BlueKai, Transunion), and 177k data segments that enable pinpoint targeting. Additionally, we retain exclusive access to Visa and Mastercard transactions that includes UPC data. Want to target users who have purchased a competitive product recently? We can do that. Lastly, at Evolution Media Group, we constantly apply our Recency/Frequency sloping algorithms that track your audience’s interest over time.


Unlike other digital channels, the programmatic advertising ecosystem is highly fragmented and unstable. Price, device, website, application, placement, ad format, and supply vendor are just a few of the variables that influence the performance of any programmatic media buy. Through our deep experience, exclusive inventory access, and “Path to Supply” algorithms, our advertising specialists find the pockets of inventory that work best for your brand in the channels of Connected TV, Streaming Audio, Display, and Video.


How do you know your marketing is working? With more and more dollars flowing to more channels than ever before, it’s becoming even harder to answer that question. Through exclusive partnerships and thousands of hours in Research and Development, Evolution Media Group is proud to state that we are the only media group that can track 1st party online transactions, 3rd party online transactions, and offline transactions.

Customer Strategy Meeting

The Customer Strategy Meeting is a FREE one hour consultative engagement that is led by an Evolution Media Group Strategist. The goal of this meeting is discover and analyze your existing marketing funnel, consumer decision journey, and existing marketing initiatives. Ultimately, this information will be used to form a media plan with one goal in mind… for your business to GROW.